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Medjugorje Chap. 5 – Scandals

Unlike the visionaries of Marian apparitions approved by the Catholic Church, the Medjugorje youths all profited handsomely from their notoriety and live with their spouses and children in comfortable homes. In contrast, the humble Aztec Indian, Juan Diego, who witnessed the Guadalupe apparition in 1531 died as poor as the day he was born. Two of the three children who claimed to see Our Lady of Fatima in 1917 died from painful illnesses soon afterwards. The third lived as a cloistered nun for the rest of her life as did Bernadette Soubirous who saw the apparitions at Lourdes. 

While there have been over 40,000 “sightings” of Mary by the Medjugorje “seers”, there were only four in the Guadalupe story, six at Fatima and eighteen at Lourdes. From Guadalupe, we have the image of Mary on Juan Diego’s homespun cloak for which no science has been able to offer an explanation. At Fatima, 50,000 people experienced at the same time the identical hallucination of the sun spinning. There have been medically authenticated healings taking place at Lourdes almost since the beginning. [1] 

In addition to the divisions it has created within the Catholic Church between believers and their skeptics, Medjugorje has become associated with scandal. The least horrendous only involve money such as the crooked tour guide, Peter K. Miller, whose assets were seized in 1995 by the California Attorney General following a court-ordered audit that turned up $1.3 million in customer payments. [2] 


Czech Bishop Pavel Maria Hnilica claimed to be a Vatican official but always explained that since his work consisted of secret diplomatic negotiations, his exact duties could never be revealed. Hnilica allegedly laundered money in and out of Medjugorje during the 1980s. [3] 

When the tourism “gold rush” abated during the war, “He went to the United States in 1992, preceded by one of his secretaries, Father Luciano Alimandi. The secretary’s brief was to identify a visionary, one who was ideally in contact with the Virgin Mary at the Franciscan University in Steubenville, Ohio. [4] According to both the Dutch sociologist, Mart Bax, and British journalist, David Yallop, the international Medjugorje crusade was being directed from the traditionalist school. [5]   

Alimandi’s contacts at the school were members of Hnilica’s Pro Deo et Fratribus (aka Pro Fratibus) organization, i.e. “young women and men missionaries who live in celibacy.” [6]

Hnilica told an interviewer the purpose of his organization was to “support people spiritually with Bibles and Gospels and also materially with money.” [7 

Alimandi found a self-proclaimed mystic named Christine Mugridge studying theology at the university. The priest brought Christine to Denver in order to choose between her and three other professed female visionaries from Colorado, one of whom was Theresa Lopez. Alimandi “dumped Christine Mugridge for Theresa Lopez.” [8]  

Lopez admits to four marriages, but her former husband Jeff believes it could be five and he has also revealed that she has six children. Mental arithmetic was not one of Theresa’s assets, for she had had at least twenty-five different credit collection and debt recovery notices and pleaded guilty in 1990 to a second degree forgery/check fraud charge. [9] 

Theresa claimed she heard the Virgin Mary speak to her for the first time on April 3, 1990. 

On February 12, 1991, Theresa and Jeff filed a Tax Application and Trade Name Registration for Rocky Mountain Project Peace. This was to be her new business (listed as a service) to distribute Catholic literature and collect money for some prayer kits for soldiers in the Gulf War…. 

She claimed that she had visions in Our Lady’s alcove in St. Thomas More Church, on the top of the hill of Mother Cabrini Shrine and in her home. [10] 

Theresa went to Medjugorje for the first time March 17-22, 1991. 

As reported by TIME magazine on December 30, 1991: 

Devotees by the thousands have been flocking to the Mother Cabrini shrine near Denver, where Theresa Lopez, 30, says the Virgin has appeared to her four times in the past seven weeks…. 

Some 300 groups of Medjugorje believers exist across the U.S., publishing at least 30 newsletters and holding a dozen conferences a year. There are 70 telephone hot lines that feature the Virgin’s messages from Yugoslavia: in Alabama dial MOM-MARY. Over the past 16 months a Texas foundation has put up 6,500 billboards inspired by Medjugorje. The huge signs say the Virgin appeared “to tell you God loves you.” [11] 

Before Bishop Hnilica arrived in Denver in May 1992 to take over the financial management of Theresa Lopez, Alimandi arranged for Hnilica to meet with the National Conference of Catholic Bishops. The NCCB gave him full permission to fund-raise in the U.S. 

Shortly after Hnilica met Theresa Lopez, a huge publicity campaign was mounted to publicize “this amazing seer” who “regularly has visions and communicates with the Virgin Mary.” Hnilica and Theresa became regulars on the Medjugorje tour circuit as it made increasing inroads into Catholic communities. Unofficial estimates placed the value of the tours at $50 million per annum. [12] 

Between U.S. tours, Hnilica was subpoenaed to appear in court in Milan, Italy. He had been charged with criminal conspiracy concerning documents once owned by Roberto Calvi, known as “Gods Banker” because he was the layman closest to the Vatican, found hanged to death under the Blackfriar’s Bridge in London in 1982. Hnilica’s co-defendant was the Mafioso, Flavio Carboni, later charged with Calvi’s murder. In March 1993 both Hnilica and Carboni were found guilty of criminal conspiracy but an Appeals Court annulled the sentences on a technicality – “a legal document had been one day out of time.” A second trial took place in March 2000. Carboni was found guilty and the bishop was acquitted. [13] 

According to the Unity Publishing, Inc., website, much of the Hnilica/Lopez support in the Denver area was centered at St. Thomas More Church in Englewood where Lopez claimed to have had visions. It was the largest parish in the archdiocese, “what some have called the ‘Catholic Country Club’” due to its “four tennis courts, seven softball fields, a football gridiron, and a soccer field.” [14] Hnlica’s NCCB-approved group, known as the Catholic Evangelization Mission (CEM ) which later changed its name to Queen of the Apostles Mission Association (QAMA), was operated from the parish offices and had “the same objectives as Pro Deo et Fatribus,” which, separately, also had a small number of members centered at the parish. According to a California priest who worked at the parish for a brief time, the pastor “was very careful not to alienate any of these people, and he did a remarkable job of prudently preventing any overt clashes between the [Theresa Lopez] believers and the non-believers. Without ever completely accepting them, he seemed to favor them because of this respect for the piety and spiritual experiences of the people who did accept them.” [15]   

Efforts by Hnilica and Lopez to make Denver the “Medjugorje of America” during the Bosnian war stalled when Denver Archbishop J. Francis Stafford issued this pronouncement on March 9, 1994: 

On December 9, 1991, I appointed a commission to investigate alleged apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary at Mother Cabrini Shrine and other places within the Archdiocese of Denver to Theresa Antonia Lopez. On February 22, 1994, the commission completed its investigation and presented its findings to me. As Archbishop of Denver, I have concluded that the alleged apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary to Theresa Antonia Lopez are devoid of any supernatural origin.
Because of my concern for the spiritual welfare of the people of God, I direct the faithful to refrain from participating in or promoting para-liturgical or liturgical services related to the alleged apparitions.
Furthermore, anyone encouraging devotion to these alleged apparitions in any way is acting contrary to my wishes as Archbishop of Denver….[16] 

Undaunted, Hnilica moved his activities elsewhere. In May 1994, the bishop tried to organize all the Peace (sometimes named Mir, Croatian for “peace”) Centers throughout the U.S. under his direction by having a conference at Notre Dame, Indiana. By this time, Lopez’ character had become an issue and Hnlica moved her into his apartment in Rome. However, his reputation had also suffered and his further leadership was rejected. [17] 


Fr. Ken Roberts, “one of the foremost believers in Medjugorje,” [18] “well known for publicizing Medjugorje,” [19] and “well remembered for his support for the Medjugorje apparitions and messages as well as for his books, tapes, appearances on EWTN and retreats” [20] was named one of the top 100 Catholics of the 20th century by Daily Catholic, based in part on his bestselling book, Playboy to Priest, which described his conversion from an English airline and cruise ship steward to being ordained a Catholic priest in the U.S. in 1966. 

Roberts was alleged to have abused a youth in the 1960s in Dallas. The bishop then transferred Roberts to Ft. Worth for a time. He was sent to Missouri for therapy in 1968 and allowed to work there on a temporary basis until 1994. He also worked in the Belleville, Illinois, diocese. At one time he was national head of Catholic Youth Organizations. There are at least seven persons who alleged Roberts sexually abused them as children. Some cases were settled; one was in Peoria. [21]

Roberts was banned from the St. Louis archdiocese in 1994 due to accusations of sexual misconduct which had occurred 15 years earlier. In November 1998, he was forbidden from presenting himself in public as a priest in the Diocese of Dallas based on accusations of sexual molestation of a junior high student. The victim had been awarded an out-of-court settlement in early 1998. The Dallas diocese had already paid for another complainant’s therapy in 1995. [22]

Still, Roberts was a much sought-after lecturer and media celebrity of youth groups. [23] Even after being banned in St. Louis in 1994 and the Dallas diocese settling a claim in 1995, Roberts became one of the stars of the Archdiocese of Denver’s weekly “Catholic Hour” television shows which included promoting the Medjugorje cult. In two April 1997 programs, Robert’s was featured giving presentations to the children at Sts. Peter and Paul Elementary School in Wheat Ridge, Colorado, and in September 1997 he appeared along with Archbishop Stafford’s successor, the Franciscan Archbishop Charles J. Chaput, O.F.M., on one the “Catholic Hour” broadcasts. [24] 

As late as 2007, Roberts was still “associating with children and teenagers in violation of his suspension and earlier restrictions.” [25] 

In September 2009, the Illinois Supreme Court upheld a local judge’s decision to dismiss a lawsuit based on a filing deadline technicality which had been placed against Roberts in 2003 by a man alleging sexual abuse during a 1984 speaking tour. [26] After the court’s decision, members of the Survivors’ Network of those Abused by Priests (SNAP) tried to ascertain the priest’s whereabouts, but were unsuccessful in locating him. [27] 


Zovko was one of the original Franciscan handlers of the Croatian “seer” and was welcomed to make personal appearances in the Denver archdiocese, including a December 1997 appearance of the “Catholic Hour.” [28] Like Fr. Roberts, Fr. Zovko had already been the subject of official ecclesial disciplinary measures before his appearance in Denver. In Zovko’s case, he had been suspeneded by Mostar-Duvno Bishops Zanic in 1989 and Peric in 1994. [29]

Zovko was accused by an American woman of sexually assaulting her. The woman made this allegation to a fellow Medjugorje pilgrim, Mark Waterinckx, a Belgian who had made 24 pilgrimages to Medjugorje. Waterinckx, determined to get to the bottom of the allegations, found twelve other women willing to come forward with similar stories. He reported his findings to one of the priests in the Medjugorje parish who appeared unconcerned about the matter. Eventually, Waterinkx spoke to the head of the Franciscan order which brought about Zovko’s suspension a few months later in 1989. Zovko’s second suspension in 1994 was for disobedience after being ordered to disassociate from Medjugorje-cult groups and tours. Regardless, like Archbishop Chaput, Franciscan Fr. Slavko Barbaric ignored the official actions against Zovko and invited the friar to attend an International Youth Festival in August of 1997. [30]

The Washington Post reported in November 2002 that Fr. Zovko had been invited to lead a prayer service – “organizers said they had expected more than 3,000 people to turn out” – at the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington D.C. He was denied permission due to “allegations of disobedience and sexual abuse” with “female followers of the Medjugorje cult.” [31] 

In 2004, Fr. Zovko was suspended for a third time after Bishop Peric ordered the him to come to the bishop’s Mostar office “to show him all documents related to his illegal pastoral activities as well as to his ‘moral’ life,” but Zovko refused to show up. [32]

The last report on Zovko, dated February 2010, stated he was living on the Croatian island of Badija. Some say he was ordered into exile by his Franciscan superiors. Zovko’s personal assistant claimed he was there for reasons of “health, rest and convalescence, and for renovation of buildings on the island” and that Zovko would no longer be available to “pilgrims.” [33]


Anthony Thomas Falco (aka Tom Falco aka Anthony Falcone) posed as a Franciscan brother associated with the Oasis of Peace, a group specifically denounced by the chancellor of the Mostar-Duvno diocese in May 1997. [34] 

According to a lawsuit filed by one of the boys he took with him on a pilgrimage to Medjugorje, Falco first ingratiated himself with Fr. Patrick Dooling, pastor at St. Joseph’s parish in Capitola, California, in 1997, claiming to be a former Episcopalian priest who had become a Franciscan. “Brother Thomas,” wearing a long brown robe, became a teacher’s aide at the parish and was active in the church’s Life Teen Program when he befriended the now 16-year-old. The suit claimed that in early 1999, with Dooling’s endorsement, Falco began promoting a trip for teens to Medjugorje arranged through the Fiat Voluntas Tua (Latin for “Thy will be done“) travel agency. 

In a deposition as part of the lawsuit, Dooling testified that he had doubted Falco’s status as a monk and said that he had known before the trip that Capitola police had arrested Falco in early 1999 for possession of pornography depicting sexual acts involving underage males. Even so, Dooling acknowledged that he had failed to alert the boy’s family before the trip. Falco persuaded the boy to join him on the pilgrimage, the suit alleged, and during the trip, from July 29 to August 7, 1999, Falco gave the youngster drugs and repeatedly molested him. [35]

It was learned from a source close to Falco’s civil case that the sexual abuse occurred in Mirjana Soldo’s house, one of the Medjugorje “visionaries.” [36]

When the pilgrimage group returned to the U.S., Falco was arrested in the airport for marijuana possession but disappeared when he was released. He was found in New York and returned to California for trial. [37] 

Since officials at St. Joseph’s parish helped arrange fund-raising events to pay part of the trip’s expenses, the lawsuit named St. Joseph’s and the diocese as well as the Fiat Voluntas Tua as defendants. The boy’s family cited the church’s failure to stop the trip and claimed that the travel agency negligently hired Falco to lead youth trips without checking his background adequately. [38] 

Anthony Thomas Falco pleaded guilty in 2000 to charges of lewd conduct and furnishing marijuana to minors. The bishop of Monterey, St. Joseph’s Catholic Church and its pastor, Father Patrick Dooling, settled out of court in 2001. Fiat Voluntas Tua agreed to pay an undisclosed sum hours before the case was to go to trial in April 2002. [39] 

As stated on the Fiat Voluntas Tua website, the agency’s mission was to support priests and arrange priest-escorted trips to Medjugorje with “accommodations at [visionary] Mirjana’s home when possible.” [39] In April 1998, Fiat Voluntas Tua had solicited participation in three pilgrimages to Medjugorje – “Visit with Fr. Jozo if available – first 30 deposits stay in home of Mirjana” – in the Denver Catholic Register, Archbishop Chaput’s weekly newspaper. [40] They also promoted in the newspaper a conference they were sponsoring at Denver’s Adams Mark Hotel for February 12-14, 1999. One of speakers was Fr. Slavko Barbaric and a video presentation by Mirjana Soldo was included. [41] 

Probably no U.S. prelate was more active than Archbishop Chaput in supporting the Medjugorje cult through seemingly unlimited promotions in his newspaper for Medjugorje pilgrimages, conferences, speakers and articles, including a “Monthly Message from Mary at Medjugorje,” and by allowing the Rocky Mountain Marian Center – devoted to encouraging the cult – to promote their own pilgrimages and prayer meetings. With no explanation, the ads and promotions ended in 2004. 


Vlasic was another Franciscan suspended by Bishop Zanic and equally famous as Fr. Jozo Zovko as an early “spiritual adviser” to the “visionaries” and in promoting the “apparitions.” Vlasic eventually broke with the “seers” and founded his own mixed gender religious community, Queen of Peace, in Parma, Italy. 

In September 2008, he was suspended again, this time by the Vatican Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (the department formerly headed by Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger as “watchdog” of Catholic doctrine and dogma) “because of his flagrant disregard for ecclesiastical discipline.” He was cited by the CDF for “suspicion of heresy and schism, as well as scandalous acts contra sextum, aggravated by mystical motivations.” ( Contra sextum means against the sixth commandment – “Thou shall not commit adultery” – but is interpreted by the Church to mean any sexual act outside of heterosexual marriage.). [42] The Vatican stated that Vlasic would be confined to a Franciscan monastery in Italy and would be prohibited from contact with the Queen of Peace community. In addition, he could not consult with his attorneys without permission from his superior. [43] 

In 2009, Vlasic requested “the favor of a reduction to the lay state,” which was granted by the Vatican. Under “pain of excommunication,” Vlasic was forbidden to promote, teach or participate in Catholic organizations and from “releasing declarations on religious matters, especially regarding the phenomenon of Medjugorje.” He was also barred from residing in Franciscan houses. [44]

 Vlasic “asked to leave the priesthood after the Vatican launched an investigation into allegations that he was guilty of sexual immorality with a nun which he then covered up.” [45] He had fathered a child with a Sister Rufina and he refused to leave his order to marry her but instead begged her not to expose him. [46] 

In writing about the action against Vlasic in 2008, Simon Caldwell, a British journalist specializing in reporting on the Roman Catholic Church, wrote, “This is not simply the settling of a vendetta against a modern-day Rasputin with a taste for sex and séances. By striking at Vlasic, the Pope is aiming a killer blow at the Medjugorje phenomenon itself.” [47] 

More than two years later, however, Pope Benedict XVI has taken no action to end this disgraceful hoax and fraud against the Catholic people. Although the following was written by the editor of the Daily Catholic in 1998, books, articles and films of its ilk continue to pour out of the apparition industry with a wink and a nudge by the Vatican.

….It seems one who has been so loyal to Jesus and His Blessed Mother over the years is being “delivered up by brothers…and friends.” We’re speaking of Father Ken Roberts who was suspended this past Friday of his priestly faculties by Bishop Charles V. Grahmann, ordinary of the Diocese of Dallas where Fr. Ken has had his faculties since being ordained on the Feast of the Annunciation in 1966. There have been a plethora of charges levied on this English priest who is one of the foremost believers of Medjugorje; but no one has come forth with any proof, only accusations – and vicious accusations at that. The charges against him reek of the tactics of the anti-Medjugorje leeches who have been waging a slanderous and vicious campaign against the visionaries of Medjugorje and the Franciscan priests of Our Lady’s Oasis of Peace – Father Jozo Zovko, OFM and Father Slavko Barbaric, OFM to name the two most popular targets. You would not believe the satanic attacks heaped on these priests and the six visionaries of Medjugorje as well as all promoters of Our Lady’s messages from Medjugorje by these barracudas. These disciples of the devil, who have mounted a blackballing of everything involving Medjugorje, twist and turn facts and quotes to make it look like they are being righteous. But, like the master they serve, they are masters of half truths and instigating confusion among the faithful who don’t know what is going on. They have believed in the holiness and sincerity of the visionaries, Fr. Jozo, Fr. Slavko, Father Svet, Father Petar, Sister Emmanuel, and the host of other devoted followers including Father Ken Roberts. Few priests have made as many pilgrimages to Medjugorje as he has. But, unlike the saints in Heaven, no one here on earth is perfect and that includes Fr. Ken. [48]


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2 Responses

  1. I pray for light about the “apparitions” of Mary, mother of Jesus, regardless of human factors. My feeling is positive about the messengers. I think they are sincere persons.

    • Bishop Peric gave a sermon in Medjugorje on June 15, 2006, in which he clearly states that “…church pilgrimages are not allowed,…if they presuppose the authenticity of the appriations,..”. It is unfortunate that even the elect have been deceived by this hoax. I pray that when the scandal it revealed by the Church it will not impact those of weak faith.

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